broadcasting on 1630 am, chinatown, los angeles

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anyone can be involved.

practical constraints limit our broadcast hours to roughly 7 pm to midnight, five nights a week. we add additional hours to the broadcast schedule whenever we can.

send us an e-mail if you have a show proposal or are interested in helping out around the station. due to an overwhelming number of people requesting shows, weekly shows are difficult to get and you will likely have to wait a while. we do, however, keep a running list of interested parties and offer spots as they become available. we also call on people from this list to sub in when regular hosts are not able to make their shows.

if you have a specific project or idea that isn't necessarily an ongoing, regular show (perhaps a short series of broadcasts or some sort of one-off event), then it is likely we can fit you into the schedule.

there are lots of ways to participate in the station outside of djing/hosting shows. we're always accepting station ids, public service announcements, or any other short-form material suitable for radio broadcast. if you click the donate link above you can also see our material and immaterial wish lists.


kchung radio relies on community support and contributions in order to survive. we are not for-profit and have no financial or institutional backers. everything we do is a result of volunteer labor.

we understand that not everyone is capable of contributing to the station in the same ways and thus do not expect specific financial or material contributions from all participants. that being said we do have number of labor and material needs which are outlined here.

material wish-list:
-cd, cassette, and record players
-mic stands
-equalizers, compressors, limiters, etc
-various audio cables and adapters
-a recycling bin
-trash bin liners
-a network hub
-record, tape, and cd donations for our library

immaterial wish-list:
-web development
-grant writing
-studio engineering
-rf engineering
-equipment repair wizard
-event coordinating
-day to day maintenance

we also accept financial donations via paypal here.