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10:00AM: nature boy / prism vibrations / golden hour / stereo test
11:00AM: the kids are (not that) revolting / in your dreams
12:00PM: the kids are (not that) revolting / homemade news
1:00PM: yogi proctor presents "the artist at work" / tujunga salon / cool burns / 9 am
3:00PM: mind the gap / long rocks on the beach / the people / heavy duty
4:00PM: the oracle hour / greg
5:00PM: super kpop sundays / this is water / performance now / pizza party music
6:00PM: a critical discourse / the monthly / adventures within / healing hour
7:00PM: final party / phil and phil / adventures within / hot fudge sunday
8:00PM: touch touch publishing / segments
9:00PM: maya gingery / taking time / scene report / anthony hoang
10:00PM: seenaradio / proper mixtape / turquoise jungle / the town i live in
11:00PM: mefiance radio / all scene eye radio


9:00AM: party's over / aaron cabral / carmelo's cellar door / the ramos show
10:00AM: the commute / blkgrrrl / wes filer variety hour / d bone aloe vera sistema
11:00AM: bellyfreak / las
12:00PM: you wish / the lobby
1:00PM: adjunct underground
3:00PM: post-creative / not working not broken
4:00PM: prodigal sons / whits & giggles / songz 2 bone 2 / the astral plane
5:00PM: spencer moody's radio show / gastral projections / the once over twice / funky bunker
6:00PM: pass the paintbrush / riffin'
7:00PM: pass the paintbrush / slam dunx from the free throw line
8:00PM: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
9:00PM: cds digest
11:00PM: hollywood nites / down in the valley


5:00PM: # / the unwrinkled ear
6:00PM: the dollar bin / the unwrinkled ear
7:00PM: divided daughters / pile radio / everything must go fm / special collections
8:00PM: tractor: spoken film radio / the wave
9:00PM: chinese rocks
10:00PM: strip mall
11:00PM: purple hour / bad trip radio
12:00AM: sunset club / pure m00ds


10:00AM: parrhesia hour / ginger snapz
11:00AM: #LaMO/los angeles made originals / soulfriend: love opinions from 2 girls
12:00PM: the swag bush / myrtle
1:00PM: tree monster music
3:00PM: # / club in the afternoon
4:00PM: literary la / timeout with tyrone / super freaq / total stasis
5:00PM: yeah ok / breakfast in chinatown / the conversation /
6:00PM: star gaze: magick, meditation & more / good medicine
7:00PM: la-tech / arcana obscura
8:00PM: pop crimes / outbreak
9:00PM: healing light comfort zone / sad tuesdays
10:00PM: big boy scene / dab city
11:00PM: two-real/2true
12:00AM: the talking show
1:00AM: bennett live / pillow fort / tim time / teen grrl squad
2:00AM: good company / dispatches from the future
3:00AM: achromatic publishing house / the bloody thong show


9:00AM: both kinds of music
10:00AM: both kinds of music
11:00AM: spitting on strangers / customer care
12:00PM: human drama / drawn to scale / cat roif / news beat
1:00PM: public school 78 / transcending with torie
3:00PM: la force sauvage / her variety
4:00PM: some kinda fun / the church on radio
5:00PM: drinks with tony / three threes mafia / person-centered / all for kicks
6:00PM: the meeting with david surnow / artists at work? / volume presents... / work better
7:00PM: gabie strong's "crystalline morphologies"
8:00PM: artzenkraft presents... / kings of punk / ...the charming mistakes of my youth... / woodside chats
9:00PM: fos fm
10:00PM: post present medium / hissing and scratching / dipped in thickness / thirsty thursdays, presented by the dollar boys
11:00PM: rot faster / the new age lesbian oracle
12:00AM: pacific gravity / priv_num/cruise control


3:00PM: radio clash / #
4:00PM: fallopian utopia / loli daze
5:00PM: sun kin radio / the indie hour with sindie
6:00PM: radio matter hour / hungry wolves
7:00PM: toon town / jorgen's shown / night driving / ear wax
8:00PM: # / jorgen's shown / # / ear wax