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What is kchung? ...umm, good question

why is it called kchung? kchung started in a basement on chung king road in chinatown, among a row of art galleries, in los angeles

how do i become involved? start by filling out the volunteer form at the side of the page (whether or not you want to dj), and if you have questions, contact our volunteer coordinator, christy, at

do I have to have a radio show to be involved? no! there are plenty of ways to become involved including live events, meetings, art projects, working with the library, etc.

what is subbing? when you're on the sub list, you will be sent emails asking for you to fill in for shows. This is on a first come first served basis, so reply right away!

Do I have to take a class or training before I sub? I've never been on the radio, i don't know what i'm doing! Don't be shy! when you come in for a show, your station manager will show you where everything is, answer your questions, and help you record your show.

what is a station manager? A station manager oversees the station for a period of a few hours, while we broadcast. They are responsible for helping DJs record and archive their shows, and making sure things are under control. We have many station managers, and we can even train you to become one. Station managers are not to be confused with kchung's general manager, who is a lovely person named chrysanthe. she is responsible for overseeing general station workings.

I keep hearing about dues. Do I have to pay to dj? do i owe you money? djs who have a regular time slot pay dues of $10 a month so that kchung can make rent. when you become a regular dj, you will receive a detailed email regarding dues and how to pay them. if you do not have a regular show, you do not have to worry about dues. You can donate out of the kindness of your heart if you want to, though.

how often do you have staff meetings, and who is allowed to come? once a month, the second sunday of each month. anyone who has an interest in the internal workings of kchung is welocome. if you have questions, reach our minister of internal transparency, michal,

where is the best place to get coffee/pho/boba/bahn mi/etc. in the area? remember, this is a wiki, so you can add your suggestions. I will recommend Chego's ooey gooey fries, quickly for cheap boba and fried things, and starry kitchen's garlic noodles if they're open.

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Page last modified on February 21, 2018

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