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kchung "mission"

kchung radio of los angeles provides to the peoples of los angeles:

* a transmission of music / sound / art, cultural and political discourse and experimental performance
* expanding/continuing the tradition of radio as medium
* a platform for community dialogue, introspection and creative expression and cooperation between individuals and institutions on matters culture/ art/ society
* a vehicle for uncensored expression by voices underrepresented in mainstream media
* an open portal, anyone can join, non-competitive entrance to broadcast, a service to voice opinions by los angeles artists and interested citizens
* collaborations with cultural and educational institutions in los angeles
* opportunities to learn about micro broadcast radio operation; providing service of training sessions
* an ever-growing archive of contemporary los angeles liiiife
* programs on queer discourse/feminist discourse
* international exchanges—connecting with other radio platforms/ individuals abroad

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Page last modified on May 14, 2017

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