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general manager :

  • michael moeser and nikole guzman


minister of eternal opacity

  • michal kamran


space manager

  • kern haug


music director

  • matt foley


PR coordinator

  • evan walsh



  • tim phillips


live music coordinator

  • erika paget


newsbody team contact:

Studio Checker

  • check all inputs and levels in the studio, make sure all settings are correct and nothing is broken, and make a report to the #engineering slack channel with any updates. can be done as part of starting or ending a broadcast. training / a checklist of what to look for can be made available, no experience necessary, and no need to fix things, necessarily - just reporting things is very helpful.
  • andy is currently doing this!

Most internal communication happens via slack. if you would like to join KCHUNG's slack, email any of the above or anyone who is currently on KCHUNG's slack should be able to invite you.

events coordinator

Station Manager Manager

The Volunteer Coordinator

some discussion channels that are active in day-to-day operating of KCHUNG:

  • #kchung-org (the above-mentioned coordinating committee that meets in person once a month)
  • #station-log (message board for keeping track of what is happening in the studio - any broken equipment, no-shows, news of the day. how's it going?)
  • #engineering (working group that tries to fix things before they break)
  • #physical-space (working group that loves KCHUNG's studio space and makes it better)
  • #mobilelog (message board for coordinating borrowing equipment from KCHUNG for mobile events)
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