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voscast - 3rd part service,t akes what nicecast sends and streams it online

Audio from computer, goes to software (Nicecast), which changes it and sends it up to Server (inifinite out

connections) (Voscast), which does another flip and sends it to player (website) (Shoutcast???)

Archive can happen anywhere - but we do it from the audio (primary source)

Voscast - we’ve upgraded, $24.95 a month per stream 96 kb

higher bit rate is better for audio quality

(stereo would limit it to 48kb cuz two channels)

(128 kb we could pay more to do higher quality - $32.95)

Stereo - both audacity and nicecast take a mono signal

$24 for a license - includes 4 computers and 2 streams

Server info = voscast

Streams are not connected

Can be done on any computer (but must have audacity)

Login in to voscast, auto dj = all the shows for forever (chinatown stream)

II differnt comp (check email for ciclavia)

- get application

- get license

- enter server info (correct stream)


- Check server info.

- Check internet connection

- Stop Auto DJ then start nicecast

- Make sure no one else is broadcasting on the stream

- stop auto dj if someone else didnt)

Only time Nicecast is working is when people are in studio

otherwise autodj is on and you can access the stream anywhere

Licensing info (2 nicecast licenses, 2 voscast accounts, stream on each voscast)

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Page last modified on May 11, 2014

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