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KCHUNG Station Manual

Upon Arrival Turn on three room lights Light in the lounge area to the right of the couch Two lights in the station Light on the floor in the left corner as you enter Light on the table to the right of the console Turn on equipment (in this order). NOTE: KCHUNG now broadcasts 24 hours so the equipment should already be on (use the Main Mix on the mixing board to turn up the volume for the room speakers as it is probably turned down). If for some reason the equipment is off, then follow the instructions below. Turn on black console, which turns on everything (switch on far right) Turn on speakers (small silver box with black bottom, far left switch) Turn on computer monitor (computer should already be on)

Computer Software Nicecast: online streaming broadcast (volume is always indicated as off on the screen)  should be on as KCHUNG now broadcasts 24 hours Audacity: records shows (headphone icon)

Mixing Board 1 & 2 = microphones 3 & 4 = headphones/extra inputs 5/6 = turntables 7/8 = tape player =CD player 9/10 & 11/12 = ipod/laptop connectors Sub = main out = 0 Main Mix in combination with Control Room (small knob above Main Mix) = controls volume of room speakers and headphones (use Main Mix to control volume) Maroon knobs  turn down Blue knobs  12 o’clock Small black knobs on top = trim for mics  3 o’clock Mixer  automatic level control (small white box)  computer

Automatic Level Control Levels  meter Right = too low Left = too loud The meter should be constantly moving; if it is stuck on the right or left, that is not good (NOTE: if it is not moving and stuck in the middle, in the green, it might be in test mode)

DJ Mixer Left knob = gain Middle knob = master volume Right knob = gain EQ, gain, and meter = 12 o’clock For turntable, turn all the way up on mixer 2 cords for ipod/laptop on DJ mixer Ph1 = switch for turntables Ln1 = switch for ipod/laptop

Tape Player Tends to be loud

Laptop/iPod Turn volume all the up on laptop/iPod

Broadcasting, Recording, and Filing (in this order) Set-up: Nicecast is broadcasting 24 hours so it should already be on and broadcasting Open Audacity (headphone icon) File  New File  Save Project as [year 0000]-[month 00]-[day 00] (example: 2013-03-15) (goes in Audacity file at the end of the night) Optional: mic icon  Start Monitoring Put tape in tape player and press play Fade out 24 hour broadcast (iTunes on main computer) Fade in tape Turn off iTunes on computer Unplug aux cord from computer so that DJ’s can use it for their iPod/laptop Starting a Show (when the DJ is set up and ready): Fade out tape Press record button in Audacity Fade in DJ Ending a Show: Fade out DJ Press stop record button in Audacity Fade in tape Save project (File  Save Project) Mute last recording (all recordings must be muted except for current recording) Click back button to start recording at the beginning Go back to Starting a Show above and repeat steps until end of programming End of Live Broadcasts: Plug aux cord into computer Press play on iTunes on computer (keep it on random) Fade out tape Fade in iTunes Turn off tape and put tape away Turn Main Mix down to turn off room speakers Exporting: In Audacity, delete silence/interlude at the beginning and end of each show Export each show as a wav file on the desktop Mute everything but one show File  Export  save as [name_of_show]-[month 00].[day 00].[year 0000].wav (example: This_Is_My_Show-02.19.2013.wav) Save OK Wav  music not Repeat steps above until all shows are exported Filing: Right-click on desktop to create a new folder (Finder  File  New Folder) Save folder as [year 0000]-[month 00]-[day 00] (example: 2013-04-26) NOTE: IT IS OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE THAT YOU NAME THE FOLDER EXACTLY AS INDICATED This folder is for the mp3’s and goes into the Archive folder for it to be uploaded on the KCHUNG website Drag all the wav files on the desktop to the music note (this converts the wav files into mp3’s) Mp3’s go into the mp3 folder you just created Wav files go into the Wav file archive 2 Audacity files go into Data folder Terminal-bash-80x24 (uploads to internet) How to do this?

End of Night Turn off computer monitor (leave console on as it is broadcasting; you can turn the room speakers off if you like) Clean up Put tapes away Turn off room lights Take trash out Lock smoking door

Station Manager Duties/Info Make sure DJ’s pay monthly station dues Merch sales (gold box)  write what they purchased and for how much on the box Log book = to write down any issues Gate closes at 10 pm so you have to let in the DJ’s with shows after 10 pmπ Front & back gate key on corkboard No one goes on the roof and no one goes in the studio area Door code: 3136

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