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You must arrange for your own sub. To obtain a sub, email our sub list at You can also arrange for a friend to sub regardless of if they are involved with KCHUNG. Please email our sublist instead of the dj listserve, so we can get as many people on the waitlist into the studio!

Once you have confirmed a sub, please notify your station manager about the change. Please also make sure that your sub knows the following:

*How to contact the station manager (this is especially important if the show is after 10pm)
*How to get to KCHUNG

IMPORTANT: Please submit sub requests well in advance of your show, ideally at least a week before and at minimum 48 hours before your show.

NOTE: If you cannot find a sub via the ways above, you can post in the KCHUNG Community Board FB Group or, as a last resort, email the email list. Please use the sub list before going to fellow DJs! Subbing is the only way for the many people on our waiting list to get air time.

Please use the fb group or other modes of communication before resorting to emailing the entire (100+ person) DJ list. Using the email list should be a last resort.


If you're looking to swap times with another DJ instead of finding a sub, please use the KCHUNG Community Board FB Group. If you don't have facebook, you can also email OR, as a last resort, you can try the KCHUNG DJs email list.

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Page last modified on May 20, 2017

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