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Thanks to our web team, we have a design for a new and improved kchung website. Check out the wireframes here

A breakdown of the pages:

1 –– Homepage: Instead of having to click “Live Stream” from this page like we currently have it, I think it could be good to show which show was on right then with the live stream either automatically playing on this page, or playing once the user hits Play. They can also pause from this page too. Page also includes show title for the show that is airing at that moment as well as a button that would link them to a page about that specific show.

2 –– Homepage: Shows if there are multiple streams running at one time.

3 –– Menu: This has links to mailing list, participate, store, etc. on it. This way the schedule and shows a-z are always available and not tucked away in a menu, so that’s why they aren’t included here.

4 –– Shows A - Z: This is a running list of all shows from A - Z. The user can click on each show to get to a page about that specific show where all old episodes of that show are housed. This halfway replaces the current navigation system of the archive. Includes ability to click to search through Shows or to filter only Current Shows.

5 –– Shows A - Z: If search function is selected...

4 –– Schedule: Shows schedule of all shows. Just like above, links to different show pages.

5 –– Show Page: This gives a little detail about the show, tells when the show airs, and houses old episodes of the show from the archive that are linked from this page to the mp3 files from the archive. Includes link to show’s tumblr so that no one has to get rid of that.

The goal was to keep it simple and really focus on the information that is housed in the site and less about figuring out a “cool” way of displaying it, keeping it super straight forward and easy to use for the viewer.

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Page last modified on May 14, 2017

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