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• any audio clips 0-60 minutes long can be sent to news@kchungradio.org and they will be included in the news stream. clips can be edited or unedited (with instructions as necessary). clips can be any file format. clips can be recorded using any device (audio recorder, phone, camera, etc).

• the news stream will be played as a loop every morning from 8-10 am on kchung radio (before studio broadcast begins). as new clips are submitted, older clips are removed from the loop to make room. there are no deadlines, but the news should always be new.

• if there are events you are interested in covering, the most direct way to gain access is to find a press contact or organizer to contact directly. identify yourself as a member of the press working with kchung radio and let them know you are interested in covering the event. i can help sort out assignment letters / kchung press id card etc as needed, and am also happy to share a sample text for sending to press contacts... let me know!

• IMPORTANT: to receive updated, you can add yourself to the group (news-team@kchungradio.org). this group is for sharing any incoming requests for news coverage... you should each feel free to suggest events or stories by emailing tips to news-team@kchungradio.org.

there won't be any editorial restrictions on content, but i'll do my best to be available to help with coordinating / supporting whatever news coverage you want to make... the most important thing is to get the news out!

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Page last modified on May 14, 2017

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