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when does kchung broadcast?
what is kchung radio?
why is it called kchung?
what does kchung radio broadcast?
how can i participate?
how can i get a regular show
what is a station manager?
can i be involved without doing a show?
do you have interns?
can i just do a single show or a short series?
do i have to train before I do a show?
what are staff meetings?
how do i get on the staff email list?
what is a kchung event?
mobile broadcast equipment training
organizing kchung events
broadcasting from events
i’m doing a show, what tech is available?
missing a show
how do i get on the sublist?
moving timeslots
how do i get a page on the kchung website for my show
could i have a band play during my show?
i did a show and i can’t find it in the archive
how does kchung pay the bills?
how to donate to KCHUNG
where to buy merch
where to send music
what is in the library?
places to get food
more questions

@when does kchung broadcast? kchung is currently broadcasting all day Sunday, and late afternoon to night time Monday through Thursday. fridays will be added by February 2015

what is kchung radio? kchung is a radio station broadcasting on 1630am in the chinatown area of los angeles, and streaming online at Sometimes kchung hosts events and does projects that people involved in the station choose.

why is it called kchung? kchung originally broadcasted the length of chung king road, a walking street in chinatown around 82 meters long, and most radio stations West of the Mississippi start with K, so KCHUNG.

what does kchung radio broadcast? kchung broadcasts around 130 live radio shows each month. when not broadcasting live shows, kchung re-broadcasts random episodes from the kchung archive. the full schedule of shows is available at Kchung does not monitor or determine the content of the shows.

how can i participate?

if you would like to have a show or are interested in helping out, please fill out the kchung radio volunteer application form on the side of the screen. once you submit the form, you will be placed on the waiting list to get a monthly show in our regular broadcast schedule.

how can i get a regular show When someone decides to leave their monthly show slot, it is offered to the sublist. when fortnightly shows become available, they are offered to our current monthly djs. if you would like a weekly show, or a two hour show, you must also volunteer as a station manager.

what is a station manager? a station manager oversees the station for a period of a few hours, while kchung broadcasts. they record and archive the shows, and turn off the lights at the end of the night. there are many station managers, and you can even trained to become one.

if you station manage for 2 or 3 other shows, you can do a regular show anytime, with any frequency, m-f as long isn't already regular programing scheduled then.

station managers are not to be confused with kchung's general manager, who is a lovely person named chrysanthe.

i dont want to do a show, can i still be involved? Yes. please contact Christy, the kchung volunteer coordinator, at [email protected] please fill out the volunteer form at (whether or not you want to dj). there are plenty of ways to become involved including station managing, live events, videos, tapes, art projects, merch, working with the library, etc.

do you have interns? kchung does not offer internships. if you are interested in participating in kchung in a way that is not having a show, let us know how you’d like to participate. please fill out our form.

can i just do one show? or a short series?

 kchung has time open on saturdays if you would like to do a one-off show or short series. However, a station manager must be available to help you host the show/series.

if you would like to do a one-off show or a short series of shows, send your proposal to [email protected]

do i have to take a class or training before I do a show/sub for a show? I've never been on the radio, i don't know what i'm doing! when you come in for a show, your station manager will show you where everything is, answer your questions, and help you record your show. new dj orientation is optional and offered on an as needed basis contact Chrysanthe at [email protected]

what are staff meetings? staff meetings happen on the second sunday of every month, usually at 7pm, and anyone involved with kchung is welcome to participate. these are meetings when we discuss and work on projects, events, and station updates, as well as create and transfer roles and responsibilities . the kchung budget is reviewed quarterly.

how do i get on the staff email list? the staff email list is where staff meetings are announced. it is frequently also used to discuss kchung internal matters. check the box for staff list in the form, or if you already filled out the form and want to be added to staff, email Jennifer Moon, [email protected]

what is a kchung event? from time to time, kchung will do a show, party, art project or something else. anyone who participates in kchung can host a kchung event, that can be structured as they want. the person hosting the event is responsible for running it and

do you have to be trained to use the mobile broadcast equipment how does that happen?? yes, you have to go through a training and preferably shadow someone at a mobile broadcast. if you are interested in being trained contact dustin [email protected] .

i have a show on kchung and want to organize a kchung event, how do i do this? how ever you want! if you’re using kchung gear you need to reserve on the kchung calendar, and be trained to use the equipment. other then that its totally up to you. if you would like youre event included in the newsletter email chrys?

  you can also come to a staff meeting if you want to talk about it with folks. you are welcome to invite other kchungers to participate, but dont have to. if you have any questions about events email mike kelly at [email protected]

i'm not involved with kchung but would like for you to broadcast from my event, can that happen? maybe, it depends on reciprocity, and interest from kchung folks. in general, folks in kchung are more likely to do this type of thing if kchung is getting some form of payment. this is especially true in cases where kchung is providing equipment.

i’m doing a show, what tech is available? normal equipment available at the station is: 3 mics two dj style turntables and dj mixer cassette deck cd player two mini audio ins (for phone, computer, ipod etc.) additional equipment is available, please contact your station manager ahead of time to plan as needed.

i have a show and i know i’m going to miss, what do i do? you are responsible to find your sub you can ask a friend or email [email protected] if you will miss your show for more than a month we can temporarily give your slot to someone at the top of the sublist til you’re back.

how do i get on the sublist? fill out the kchung volunteer form and check the box on the volunteer form

when you're on the sub list, you will be sent emails asking for you to fill in for shows. Subs are assigned on a first come first served basis, so reply right away if you see a time you want!

i already have a show, but now i need i want to move to a different time? write to Jennifer at [email protected] it will probably take a while, but we'll see.

how do i get a page on the kchung website for my show kchung web pages are tumblr pages that have the kchung site skin on them. anyone who has a show can have one of these. if you want one email jennifer at [email protected]

could i have a band play during my show? probably, talk to your station manager. we try not to have anything loud after 10ish to be respectful to the neighbors. other than that it's mostly an issue of having enough mics and maybe pulling out a second mixer. doing a one-off episode live in studio is also an option.

i did a show and i can’t find it in the archive sometimes it takes a while, be patient. if it hasn't appeared but all the other shows on that day have, email

how does kchung pay the bills? kchung radio relies on member dues, events, community support and contributions in order to survive. we are not for-profit and have no financial or institutional backers. if you would like to support kchung, here are some ways to help.

i keep hearing about dues. Do I have to pay to dj? do i owe you money? djs who have a regular show pay dues of $10 a month so that kchung can pay rent. to sign up to pay dues via paypal go here ->

i dont have a regular show, but i still want to give some $$$ (or even just one $) to kchung. we accept tax-deductible financial donations via paypal here

kchung is a project of the pasadena art council's emerge fiscal sponsorship program. pasadena arts council is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. donations to kchung radio are tax deductible to the full extent of the law under federal id 95-2540759.

do you have any stuff i can buy? here is some tapes, a book, and some other merch ->

i make music and want to send some of it to you. got an address? send your cds, tapes, records, and wax cylinders to:

kchung c/o tina chen p.o. box 862106 los angeles, ca 90086

you can send other library questions and/or email digital submissions to tina at [email protected]

what is in the library? an incomplete catalog of kchung audio library is available here -> ask eric for link

where is the best place to get coffee/pho/boba/bahn mi/etc. in the area? pho 87 remember, this is a wiki, so you can add your suggestions. I will recommend chego's ooey gooey fries, quickly for cheap boba and fried things, and starry kitchen's garlic noodles if they're open. pho 87 pho 87

I still have questions. I'm new here. is there we have a calendar? how do i access the staff resources part of this wiki? email [email protected]@

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