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KCHUNG is all-volunteer run. There is a coordinating committee that meets once a month (usually the second sunday of the month at 7pm in the studio lounge, check the events calendar to confirm). These meetings are open to anyone interested. Through practice, several roles have emerged (self-identified):

The General Manager oversees the basic operations of the station. responsibilities include:

  • introducing newcomers to Kchung
  • working with the Minister of Internal Transparency to coordinate staff meetings
  • managing email listserves and sublist
  • organizing station manager trainings
  • working with Scheduling, Engineering & the Station Manager Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the station
  • chrysanthe is our current GM. contact: [email protected]

The minister of internal transparency

The Volunteer Coordinator

The Scheduling Coordinator

The PR coordinator

  • evan is our current PR coordinator. contact: [email protected]
  • answers press requests coming into kchung (different from publicity / newsletter).

The events coordinator

  • mike is our current events coordinator. contact: [email protected]
  • sends out kchung's newsletter to all kchung lists and anyone who has subscribed via the website. currently bi-monthly.
  • this role is open to contributions from any volunteers interested in helping out.

The Station Manager Manager

  • tim is our current station manager manager. contact: [email protected]
  • provides support to the station managers, trains, coordinates with other working groups, communicates changes to station practices and policies, maintains the station managers’ manual, sends out tips and outlines “best practices” for station managers.

Most internal communication happens via slack. if you would like to join KCHUNG's slack, email any of the above or [email protected]. anyone who is currently on KCHUNG's slack should be able to invite you.

some discussion channels that are active in day-to-day operating of KCHUNG:

  • #kchung-org (the above-mentioned coordinating committee that meets in person once a month)
  • #station-log (message board for keeping track of what is happening in the studio - any broken equipment, no-shows, news of the day. how's it going?)
  • #engineering (working group that tries to fix things before they break)
  • #physical-space (working group that loves KCHUNG's studio space and makes it better)
  • #mobilelog (message board for coordinating borrowing equipment from KCHUNG for mobile events)

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Page last modified on May 16, 2018

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