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regarding the local archive:

-the tower is a power pc and thus can only run os x 10.5 (which it is).
-there are two harddrives in the tower (both are 2tb). currently the majority of the archive is on the same drive as the operating system.
-the archive is currently not housed in its entirety in any one location. part of it is on the tower, part is on our old backup drive which luke has, and part of it may be on the new backup drive (passport hdd). this needs to be fixed. we need to get all the hard drives into one room (particularly important is the one luke has) so that i can sync them all together.
-when the tower's harddrive gets full it is largely due to us saving the audacity project files. those take up significantly more space then the actual wav files or mp3s. we only save the audacity projects in case we discover an export error. i generally delete all the ones over a month old whenever we need space.

what to do and what not to do if the tower is running out of space:

-do delete all audacity projects which are over 1 month old.
-if the computer gets to the point where an error message pops up saying disk is full then you need to immediately delete a bunch of audacity projects and then reboot the computer. if there is a show being recorded then it is going to be lost. there is nothing you can do to save it at this point. if you have been saving between each show then all previous shows from the night should be fine, otherwise everything is going to be lost which has not been saved.
-to avoid this happening in the future we should move all our media to the secondary hard drive in the tower and should setup audacity to record directly to the secondary hard drive. we will still run out of space at the same pace but we wont crash the computer when we use up the hard disk. i

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Page last modified on May 20, 2017

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