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kchung is all-volunteer run, and as such we always need lots and lots and lots of help doing everything. some of these roles are self-determining, some of them involve working closely with other folks. we do most of our internal communicating for these working groups via slack - if you need an invite to kchung's slack, or if you have any questions about any of these opportunities, send an email to [email protected].

also check KCHUNG organizational structure to see more organizational-type roles.

as-needed, irregularly (once-a-week-ish)

archive detective

join the [email protected] email list and help people out with locating shows that are missing from the online archive. more info about how the archive works can be found here, and troubleshooting info can be found here. this can be done remotely and is usually just a matter of finding the right file and re-running the automated sync scripts.

equipment chief

follow the #mobilelog slack channel, and the google calendar to see who's borrowing what and when its coming back, watch for schedule conflicts with people wanting to reserve things, make sure people know about bringing things back when they're needed... just generally know who has stuff checked out from the closet (anything from turntables to field recorders to tables, generator, PA, etc), and pass any info about broken / missing equipment along to #engineering slack channel to see about repairing or replacing as needed.

whenever you feel like it:

archive librarian / organizer

go into the archive database and clean up show titles, mis-labelled files, etc. add descriptions / tags / artist names to things, basically make the archive clean and tidy! also maybe help teach dj's how to add metadata to their shows in the archive? info about how the archive / database works can be found here.

weekly or bi-weekly:

studio checker

check all inputs and levels in the studio, make sure all settings are correct and nothing is broken, and make a report to the #engineering slack channel with any updates. can be done as part of starting or ending a broadcast. training / a checklist of what to look for can be made available, no experience necessary, and no need to fix things, necessarily - just reporting things is very helpful. (andy petr is currently doing this!).

closet checker

go through closet and make sure crucial pieces of mobile equipment function properly: pa, turntables, transmitters, mobile recorders, etc

one-time things:

make equipment room inventory

what's in the closet? someone should make a shared doc that lists what's in there! probably an afternoon or two of dragging boxes out and looking in them.

major roles:

chief technology officer (CTO)

come up with a long-term vision for KCHUNG's tech needs! think of how to provide a reliable, expansive, and easy-for-everyone platform for community broadcast, but also think of fun experiments. make equipment purchasing decisions with input from the #engineering working group, generally provide stability and continuity across all of KCHUNG's tech interests (the broadcast studio, the archive, the transmitter, off-site projects, website, future things like an app, hardware prototyping, whatever you think of!)

working groups that would love for you to join them (join the slack channels to be a part of the discussion):


brainstorm making a better website, or take on tasks, building or testing things.


listen for reports of broken or missing studio equipment and offer troubleshooting advice, brainstorm making a better studio, make equipment purchasing suggestions, fiddle around with transmitters, come up with fun experiments to build that make KCHUNG work better.


give love to the space itself, brainstorm improvements to the studio and lounge - from comfort to cleanliness to safety, help communicate with landlord and studio tenants.


how should KCHUNG be? how do we make decisions, communicate, grow? this is a group for speculative organizing, reading suggestions, consensus and dissensus forming.


FKA "staff" but since we are all volunteers and no positions are paid, the name changed to something more neutral (?) - this is the open-to-anyone managerial cluster... join in and bounce ideas, grow and move things into the future! or just listen in to learn random things that are happening.


the news on KCHUNG! looking for correspondents to submit anything you deem newsworthy... we are building a partner platform that is all news-focused, with its own archive, stream, on-site events, etc.


KCHUNG is an artist, a cooperative, a collective, a non-profit, a venue, an organizer, a curator, and a programming provider, among other things. let's get grants to do all these things!

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Page last modified on May 21, 2017

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